Inductee Class of 2022: Treasure Island Community History Wall

Inductees on April 16, 2022
Treasure Island Museum Community History Wall

Feb 18, 1939
Opening of Golden Gate International Exposition

California Governor
Cuthbert L. Olson Leland Cutler

President of the Expo
Most Rev. John J. Mitty

Archbishop of SF
Atholl M. McBean

Chair of Expo Bd of Directors
Rabbi Irving E. Reichert
Congregation Emanu-el

Mayor of San Francisco
Angelo Rossi

Peruvian Consul General and Dean of San Francisco consular corps
Senor Fernando Berckemeyer

U.S. Commissioner to Expo Secretary of Commerce
George Creel

FDR’s personal representative at the opening
Daniel C. Roper

The Right Reverend Edward Lambe Parsons
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California

Opening Remarks by Nation
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Daniel C. Roper,


Air Transportation Building
Carol Taliabue, sculptor

Alameda-Contra Costa Building
Irvine F. Morrow, architect
Hugo Ballin, muralist

Chief of the Bureau of Horticulture:
Julius L. Girod

Chief of the Divisions of Electricity:
George E. Garthrone

Chinese Village
Mark Daniels, architect and landscape designer

Court of the Flowers:
Lewis P. Hobart, architect
Fountain of Life: Olof C. Malmquist, sculptor
Rainbow statue: Oof C. Malmquist, sculptor

Court of Honor:
Arthur Brown, Jr. architect
St. Francis: Clair Huntington, sculptor

Court of the Moon and Stars:
George W. Kelham and J.H. Clarck, architects
Evenint Star: Ettore Cadorin, sculptor

Court of the Nation
San Francisco Buildng and California Building
Timothy L. Pflueger and Clarence A. Tantau,
Federal Building: Timothy L. Pflueger, architect
Federal Buiding murals: “Conquest of the West by Land
and by Water”: Herman Voltz, designer
Painted by Herman Voltz and by artists of the
Federal Art Project

Court of the Pacifica:
Timothy L. Pfluegar, architect
Pacifica: Ralph Stackpole, sculptor
The Peacemakers: Esther, Helen and Margaret Bruton
Fountain of the Western Waters:
Adaline Kent, Carl Goerge, Sargent Johnson
Brents Carlton, Jacques Schnier, Ruth Cravath
Wakefield, Cecilia B. Braham and Helen Phillips,

Court of Reflections:
Lewis P. Hobart, architect.
Penguine Girl: Edgar Walter, sculptor

Court of the Seven Seas:
George W. Kelham, and J.H. Clark, architects
Sixteen galleon prows tipped with the winged Spirit of
Adventure: P.O. Tognelli, sculptor
Discovery, Christopher Columbus: P.O. Tognelli, sculptor
Creation: Haig Patigian, sculptor

Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Horticulture
Elmer G. Gould

Director of Color:
Jessie E. Stanton

Director of Illumination:
A. F. Dickerson

Fine Arts Palace:
George W. Kelham, architect
Edward L. Frick, architect of the facade

GGIE Architectural Commission:
George W. Kelham
Arthur Brown, Jr.
Lewis P. Hobart
William G. Merchant
Timothy L. Pflueger
Ernest E. Weihe
W.P. Day

Hall of Flowers:
Mark Daniels, landscape architect

Hall of Western States Auditorium:
Salici’s Puppets Panel: Robert B. Howard, painter,

Japanese Pavillion:
Yoshizo Utilda and Tatunae Toki, architects

Magic Carpet:
Julius L. Girod, horticulturist

Mission Trails Building:
Harold A. Edmondson and Robert Stanton, architects

Norway Pavillion:
Magnus Poulson, architect

Pacific House:
William G. Merchant, architect

Pavillion of the Phillippines:
Gregorio P. Gutierrez, architect

Portals of the Pacific
Ernest E. Weibe, architect
Elephants and Howdawa: Donald Macky, sculptor

Redwood Empire Building:
William G. Merchant and Bernard R. Maybeck, architects

South Tower:
George W. Kelham, architect
P.O. Tognelli, sculptor

Temple Compound:
William G. Merchant, architect

Temples of the East
Bernard R. Maybeck and William G. Merchant, architects
Ocean Breeze: Jacques Schnier, sculptor

Tower of the Sun:
Arthur Brown, Jr., architect
Phoenix: Olof C. Malmquist, sculptor

Treasure Garden:
George W. Kelham and J. H. Clark, architects

Yerba Buena Clubhouse:
William W. Wurster, architect

Garden figure: Haig Patigian, sculptor

The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Golden Gate International Exposition
(The World’s Fair on Treasure Island).

Produced by Laurie Gordon Special Events
Sponsored by the Art Deco Society of California

February 23, 24 and 25 1990 On Treasure Island

Friday February 23 -Champagne Press Event and VIP Reception Treasure Island Museum Gallery Grand Opening
Saturday February 24- The World’s Fair Gala Ball, Preview of the Pacific Unity Statues
Sunday February 25 The All Day Treasure Island Festival

Museum Reception, Gala Dance, Pacific Unity Statue Preview, Films, Photos
Display of Memorabilia and Souvenirs (Collectors -bring yours to win prizes)

Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra with Carla Normand
Peter Mintun, The Jesters, Frederick Hodges, Sara Klotz de Aguilar and Swingtime,
Alexandra Horton Montani, Tap Dancers Rusty Frank, Walter Freeman and Wayne Doba, The New Aquabelles (Decobelles)
A Tribute to the Aquacade, Vintage Autos,Tour of the Island, Vintage Fashion Shows and presenting the
Treasure Island Parade and Gala with honored Guests Esther Williams, Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter and Herb Caen
Alexandra Horton (Montani) the New Theme Girl of Treasure Island


Steven Sando, Alexandra Horton Montani, Gene Peebles, Gina Piroli, Sydney Mintz, Phyllis Walker

Anne Schnoebelen, GGIE Historian
Mike Gray, Historian, Speaker
Theresa La Quey, Mark Jones Costumers
La Rosa Vintage Clothing and Departures from the Past
Cherie Morrison (Oliver) Halina Stanton, Sheryl Birkner , Pamela Joyce Forman of the Art Deco Society of California

Lyle Bramson, President of the GGIE. Associates
Ed Von Der Porten and Douglas Brooks of the Treasure Island Museum
Barney Gould, Publicity 1939-40 and 1989-90

Joan Gibb, Chair of the 50th Anniversary Art Treasures Restoration Project
Harold Kaufman Associates, Fundraising and Public Relations
Sal De Guarda , The New Pacifica Project

Stephan , Designer of the 50th Anniversary Poster

Lead Sponsor: Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter

This Three Day Festival originally scheduled for October 20-22 1989 was canceled on October 17, 1989 the date of the San Francisco Earthquake.
The Island and the Bay Bridge were not accessible for over three months during which time it was rebuilt and the shuttered event was rescheduled for Februrary of 1990. A miracle, really, that all of the original performers were able to be a part of it, and so many of the guests were able to make it on the new date. The weather was perfect and so many of the people who had worked at the ’39 and 4’0 fairs,performed at the fair or who had fond memories were able to attend and connect with a whole new generation of enthusiasts who had a wonderful time re-creating the essence of the World’s Fair if only
for one weekend.

The Art Deco Preservation Ball May 10,2014, Paying Tribute to the Treasure Island Museum and Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Decobelles

Laurie Gordon, Event Chair and Founder of the Art Deco Preservation Ball

A Gala Ball featuring Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra
with Preservation Awards that included the Michael Crowe Award to the Treasure Island Museum Association,
Anne Schnoebelen for her dedicated Preservation Efforts
and GGIE Artisits Lucien Labaudt and Maxine Albro
(Previous awards were also given to Donald Macky (architect of the Elephant Towers)
Artists Mirian Saez, Brents Carlton, Jacques Schnier, Adaline Kent

H. Lynn Harrison, Preservation DIrector of the Art Deco Society of California

2014 Ball Chairs
Leah Vass ,Catering and Venue
Kristen Werner, Decor
Jennifer Rost, Entertainment
Heidi Schave and Lindsay Heimm, Silent Auction
Joseph DiPietro ADSC President.
Miss Art Deco 2014 Cindy Lu

Cover Art and Commemorative Poster John Mattos and Robert Hoppe

Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Decobelles (formed in 1989 to pay tribute to the Aquabelles of the 1939-1940 World’s Fair)
Jenna Chalmers Choreographer
Costumes from Esther WIlliams Swimwear and by Jane Xavier Barnes, Autumn Adamme, Eva Garcia and Theresa La Quey
Special Thanks to Alexandra Montani and Rusty Frank

April 4th 2019 Live Fashion Show Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Worlds Fair on Treasure Island and
March 24th 2021 Online Virtual Fashion Show Celebrating the History of the Golden Gate International Exposition

Showing the clothing worn by performers, participants and guests to tell the
story of the World’s Fair on Treasure Island embellished with historic photos and memorabilia

Produced and Narrated by Laurie Gordon

Featuring vintage collections of Sheryl Birkner, Richard Fishman, Laurie Gordon,Leah Vass
as well as items belonging to models who are members of the Decobelles and the Art Deco Society of California


Angie Major (and Daughters Emma and Viviana)
Sheryl Birkner
Brianne Moseley
Iris Van Dalen
Isabella Miller
Kristin Wojkowski
Leah Vass
Lindsay Ferguson
Guillermo Suarez
Jeffrey Jenkins
Barbara Pond
Halsey Varady
Cindy Lu
Shannan Mojica
Elizabeth Etler
Richard Fishman
Slimm Buick
Jess Hutchinson
Kimberly Aker
Jessica Uher

Serafina Miller, President of the Art Deco Society of California

:Photographer Ed Jay Photography

A fashion show coordinated and narrated by Laurie Gordon, featuring the Decobelles and Models from the Art Deco Society of California
in authentic men’s and women’s clothing that would have been worn at the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939-40.

Showing how people dressed to attend the fair in day wear to explore exhibits and evening clothes for the dances taking place on Treasure Island. The smart suits, snappy hats and shoes are a far cry from the jeans and sneakers that would be worn for such a fair today. The history of the fair is woven into the narration to bring the GGIE to life.

Wings of Music Ballet Film

Executive Producer/Art Director:
Karen Earle Lile

Associate Producers:
Julia Rowe & Jonah Kim

Film Director:
Jonah Kim

Director of Choreography & Photography:
Tiit Helimets

Dan Foldes

Lighting Designer:
Dale Irmiter

Sound Engineers:
David Bowles
Jonah Kim

Assistant to Producer:
Dave Ingalz

Makeup Artist on Set:
Persia Matine

Filmed at the Metropolitan Club, San Francisco

Musical Score:
“Break Free on Wings of Music” for cello/piano

Kendall Ross Bean

Cello/Piano Arrangement
Jonah Kim and Kendall Ross Bean

Concept Creator
Karen Earle Lile
2021 © Kendall Ross Bean/Jonah Kim/Karen Earle Lile ASCAP

Music Publisher:
Karen Lile Productions Publications ASCAP

Recorded at Skywalker Sound June 5, 2021

Inspired by “Break Free on Wings of Music” for orchestra and
choir originally commissioned by Oakland Symphony on
Dec 11, 2020 and Dedicated to Maestro Michael Morgan on
Aug 25, 2021

Made possible by a grant from Building Bridges and donations
by John Piccone and Michael Hadfield

Special thanks:

Metropolitan Club
General Manager Ana Munoz
Special Events Director Ivana Dordevic and staff
John Bratton
David Yeh
Skywalker Sound
Leslie Ann Jones

Executive Producer: Karen E. Lile
Karen E. Lile
Director of Photography/Editor:
Michael Kofford
Film Mixing Sound Engineer at Fantasy Film Center
Alberto Hernandez
Recording Session Producers:
(largest projects first)
Karen Lile
Kendall Ross Bean
Erik Jekabson
Jamie Dubberly
Greg Landau
Rob Dehlinger
Tammy Hall
Mimi Fox
Taylor Eigsti
Composers/Arrangers on camera:
Kendall Ross Bean
Rob Dehlinger
Jamie Dubberly
Taylor Eigsti
Mimi Fox
Tammy Hall
Erik Jekabson
Musician Soloists:
Kendall Ross Bean, piano
George Winston, piano (Steinway Artist)
Taylor Eigsti, piano (Yamaha Artist)
Tammy Hall, piano
Mimi Fox, guitar
Musician in Duos and Bands:
Rob Dehlinger’s Alpha Rhythm Kings:
Rob Dehlinger, Band Leader, Lead Vocals, Trumpet
Michael Henning, drums, background vocals
Terry Miller, upright bass
Fil Lorenz, tenor sax, backing vocals
Caroll Ashby, trombone, backing vocals
Richard Nelson-Hall, piano
Kelyn Crapp, guitar
Allison Miller
Allison Miller, drums and composition
Myra Melford – piano
Jenny Scheinman – violin
Ben Goldberg – clarinet and contra alto
Kirk Knuffke – cornet
Tod Sickafoose – bass
Dharma Brass Band
Jamie Dubberly, band leader, bone
Armando Cordoba, vocals
Brian Andrés drums
Braulio Barrera, bongo and campana, vocals
Charlie Gurke, bari sax
Christelle Durandy, vocals
Javier Cabanillas, congas
Camilo Landau, cuatro
Joe Mazzaferro, trumpet
Luke Kirley, tuba
Mike Rinta, bone
Pete Cornell, tenor sax
Silvestre Martinez, timbales
Steffen Kuehn. trumpet
Electric Squeezebox Orchestra:
Erik Jekabson, musical director
Kenny Washington, vocalist
Larry Delacruz alto saxophone (featured soloist)
Danny Lubin-Laden, trombone (featured soloist)
Grant Levin, piano (featured soloist)
Sheldon Brown, alto saxophone
Mike Zilber, tenor saxophone
Marcus Stephens, tenor saxophone
Charlie Gurke, baritone saxophone
Rob Ewing, trombone
Patrick Malabuyo, trombone
Richard Lee, bass trombone
Henry Hung, trumpet
Darren Johnston, trumpet
Erik Jekabson, trumpet
Ian Carey, trumpet
Jordan Samuels, guitar
Tommy Folen, bass
Hamir Atwal, drums
Tammy L. Hall
Tammy L. Hall, piano
Ruth Davies, bass
Telephone Conversations with Karen Lile while in Studio D:
Alisa Clancy, from KCSM Jazz in San Mateo
Allison Miller, from Times Square, New York
George Winston, from Washington on Tour
Sessions Staffed by Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA:
Alberto Hernandez, Sound Engineer
Adam Munoz, Sound Engineer:
Cody Hamilton, Sound Engineer:
Alex Miller, Intern
Sam Zuckerman, Intern
Engineering/Mastering outside Studio D:
“Fools are Getting Scarcer” Mix: Engineer Bob Skye, Skye Labs Inc.
“Lluvia con Nieve” Mix: Engineer Greg Landau, Round Whirled Studios
Film Surround Sound Soundtrack Mixing: Engineer Alberto Hernandez at Fantasy Film Center, Berkeley, CA
“Cast Your Fate to the Wind”: Recorded by Howard Johnston, Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
(chronological order in film)
Composed and performed by Allison Miller
Getaway Blues composed by Mimi Fox.
Fools Are Getting Scarcer
composed by Edward Pierce and Roy Milton
arranged by Rob Delhlinger
performed by Alpha Rhythm Kings
For Aretha
composed and performed by Tammy L Hall
Composed and performed by Allison Miller
Moonlight Sonata
composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
pianist: Kendall Ross Bean
Polonaise in D flat Major
composed and performed by Kendall Ross Bean
Without a Sound
Without a Sound, composed by Taylor Eigsti and Gretchen Parlato. Performed by Taylor Eigsti (TayJazz Music – ASCAP)
Love For Sale
composed by Cole Porter. Arranged by Erik Jekabson. Performed by Kenny Washington and Electric Squeezebox Orchestra
Ballade Opus 47 n A Flat
composed by Frederic Chopin and performed by Kendall Ross Bean
Handfull of Keys
composed by Fats Waller and performed by Kendall Ross Bean
Cast Your Fate the Wind
composed by Vince Guiraldi and performed by Geroge Winston
Dancing Cat Records
Lluvia con Nieve
Composed by Mon Rivera. arranged by Jamie Dubberly. Performed by Dharma Brass Band.
Congratulations and Condolences
Composed and performed by Allison Miller
Special Thanks:
Piano Finders, Jeffrey Wood, Robert Kirby, Ben Dunlap
Filmed on Location at Studio D, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley California Sept 17-29, 2018
Copyright 2018 Karen Lile Productions


Executive Producer: Karen Earle Lile
Pre-Production: Ivica Dordevic
Liaison between Karen Lile Treasure Island Development Authority : Walt Bilfosky
Liaison between Karen Lile and Treasure Island Museum: Carol Lustenader
Liaison between Treasure Island Yacht Club and Treasure Island Yacht Harbor: Will Smith
Liaison between Karen Lile and US Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Captain Marie Bird: PICYA Commodore Patti Mangan
Harbormaster: Anthony Cirillo. Treasure Island Yacht Harbor
Filmmakers: Philippa and Christopher Frey, Cross Media International
Arial Pilot/Footage on Feb 18, 2021: Daniel S. Foldes, Pint of Soul
Drone Pilot on Feb 20, 2021: Andre Lay
Editor: Nanami Yokota
Intern on Location Assistant: Anastacia Loukainoff
Photographer: Morton Beebe

Trumpet Fanfare Composer/Performer: Rob Dehlinger
Closing Music Credits:
– Producer: Karen E. Lile
– Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto, Movement III
– Concert Pianist: Kendall Ross Bean
– Musicians of Oakland Symphony
– Composer: Rachmaninoff
– Recorded 1986

United States Postal Service
– Executive Postmaster for San Francisco: Abraham Cooper
– Corporate Communications: Augustine Ruiz
– Marketing: Kristina Uppal
– Djuana Johnson

USPS Building Bridges Special Postal Cancellation Series
– Logo Designers: Karen Earle Lile and Kendall Ross Bean
– Art Director: Karen Earle Lile
– Board of Directors of Building Bridges the Non-profit
– Founders of the Series: Dan DiMiglio, USPS Corporate Relations, Karen Earle Lile, Layton Hansen, Past Postmaster Walnut Creek

City of San Francisco Treasure Island Development Authority
– Special Events Film and Photo Locations Manager: Jack Nathanson

Consulate of Peru in San Francisco
– Consul General of Peru in SF: Hernando Torres-Fernandez

Treasure Island Museum
-Executive Vice President: Walt Bilofsky
-President: Mike Hennahane
-Past President: Claire Wahrhaftig
-Board Member: Morton Beebe
-Past Board Member ~ Atta Pilram
-Collections Committee ~ Chris and Philippa Frey
-Lecture Series Producer ~ Anne Schnoebelen
-Lecture Series Speaker ~ Christie Nelson
-Office Manager ~ Rane Stark-Buhl

Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association
-Commodore: Patti Mangan

Treasure Island Yacht Club
-Commodore: Atta Pilram
-Vice Commodore: Will Smith
-Rear Commodore: Kirsten Ritchie
-Pete Van Putten

Sandpiper, a Hunter Vision 36 Sailboat
-Owner/First Mate: Karen Earle Lile
-Owner/Captain: Michael Arntz

Special Thanks to:
–Consulate of Peru in San Francisco
-Adriana Pinzon Navarro de Torres-Fernandez
-Ivana Dordevic
-Conway Jones
-Rear Admiral John Bitoff, Retired

Feb 19, 2022
Anabel, Chub 34, Power, Captain John Farley, South Beach YC
Sea Breeze, Stephens 42′, Power, Captain David Cobb, San Francisco YC, Classic
4 Llibertys, Sail, Captain Charles Weinbar, BAADS
Sandpiper, Hunter Vision 36′, Sail, Captain Michael Arntz and Karen Earle Lile, IYFR-SF, BYC, GGYC, Sailing Portal Club
Tuggin’ Along, Ranger Tug R27, Power Captain Russell Breed, SF Shrine YC, TIYC, Classic
Sashay Aweigh, Harbor 25, Sail, Ghaida Zahran. EYC
Medusa, Santa Cruz 27, Sail, Captain Ros de Vries / Nathan de Vries. IYC
The Birdcage, Sea Ray 390 Motor Yacht, Power, Captain Vince Nicholas. Barbary Coast Boat Club
Zephyr, Catalina 387, Sail, Captain Michael Dolan, SSA, OYC
Windy, Ericson 27, Sail, Captain Rick Zarlow, Aeolian YC
Pat Pending, Lake Union 50′, Power. Lawrence Owen, San Francisco YC
Hakuna Matata, Yorktown 40, Sail, Michael Fanfa, SSA, OYC
Optimism, Brenta 30, Sail, Trey Guinn, South Beach Yacht Club, SV-Casey
Beneteau 331, Sail, Tom Lewis, Single Sailors Assn
Golden Phoenix, Cape Dory 30 Flybridge, Power, Walt Bilofsky, Treasure Island YC
Amanda, Catalina 36, Sail, Captain Ros DeVries, Island Yacht Club
Dragonfly, Maxum SCR2500, Power, Captain Suni Petersen, South Beach YC
ARIES, Catalina 38, Sail, Captain Larry Mayne, Seqouia YC
Azure, Catalina 27.5, Sail. Captain Mark Hecht, South Beach YC
En regatta di vita, Power, Captain Paul Corvi, Metroplitain YC

Feb 19, 2022
Pilot Bruce Poulton, 1994 Beechcraft A36
Pilot Doug Poulton, 1968 Beechcraft V35A
Pilot Mark Merrill, 1981 Beechcraft A36TC
Pilot Mark Becker, 1950’s Beechcraft T-34 Mentor
Pilot Craig Meyer, 1941 North American AT-6A Texan
Pilot John Long, 1985 Nanching CJ-6
Pilot Marinus Lamprecht, 1982 Yakovlev Yak-52A
Pilot Jim MacKnight, 1977 V35B

April 16, 2022


Karen Earle Lile

Art on Pianon Unveiling
Seiko Tachibana
“Complementary Skills” Registry No. 1
1952 Steinway D 9’ Grand Piano Serial Number 338662
Piano Rebuilder
Piano Finders
Master Craftsman
Kendall Ross Bean

Frederic Chopin
Pianist: Kendall Ross Bean
“Harp Etude”

World Music Premiere
“Break Free on Wings of Music”
for cello/piano
Jonah Kim
Kendall Ross Bean
Kendall Ross Bean
Jonah Kim and Kendall Ross Bean
Concept Creator
Karen E. Lile

Based on original symphonic work with chorus
commissioned by the Oakland Symphony and dedicated to
Maestro Michael Morgan
2021 © Bean | Kim | Lile ASCAP

World Music Premeire
“Sky of Dreams”
for cello/piano
Jonah Kim
Kendall Ross Bean
Kendall Ross Bean

Songs from GGIE 1939
Joe Escobar
Kendall Ross Bean
“On Treasure Island”
Words by Edgar Leslie. Music by Joe Burke

Treasure Island Museum Historian
Anne Schnoebelen


President Treasure Island Museum
Mike Hennahane
Ann Scnoebelen

Vice Dean of SF Consular Corp / Consul General of Peru in SF
Hernando Torres-Fernandez

Art Deco Society of CA
Serafina Miller
Laurie Gordon

Building Bridges
John Piccone

Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association
Joan Marsh


Two Weeks Inside Studio D Film
Michael J. Kofford

Recording Session Musician/Composer
Tammy Hall

Wings of Music Film
Jonah Kim

Plane Flyover Organizer
Stephen Tucker

Poster Art
Art Director
Karen Earle Lile

Film Screenings

“Rob Dehlinger and Treasure Island Museum”
“Parade & Plane Flyover”

World Premiere Film Screenings:
“Two Weeks Inside Studio D”
“Wings of Music”
“Treasure Island Museum Community History Wall”

World Music Premeire

“Break Free on Wings of Music” 1930’s Arrangement
Composed by
Kendall Ross Bean
Lyrics by
Karen Earle Lile
Arrangement by
James Anthony McMillen
Based on original
work by Oakland Symphony
2021 © Bean/McMillen/Lile ASCAP

Performed by
MoodSwing Orchestra
Joe Escobar

Swing Dance Music by MoodSwing Orchestra
Band Leader
Mike Young

1st alto sax: Dick Mathias
2nd alto: Brian Lassiter
1st tenor: Ivor Holloway
2nd tenor: Eric Wittig
baritone: Mike Young

1st trombone: Karl Dray
2nd trombone: Lee Seigel

1st trumpet; John Capobianco
2nd trumpet: Don Beck
3rd trumpet: Richard Conway

bass: Bing Nathan
drums: Jason Hansen
piano: Mark Rossi
guitar: Nick Rossi
vocal: Joe Escobar

Producer/Art Director
Karen Earle Lile

Lighting Designer:
Dale Irmiter

Sound Engineer and Projector Operator
Richard Lopez

DJ Michael Vincent Arntz

Stage Manager and
Producer’s Assistant
Charlie Deist

Treasure Island Museum

General Manager
Annamarie Morel

Collections Manager
Melanie Garduno

Pre-Production Planning:
Karen Earle Lile
Michael Hennahane
Walt Bitofsky
Anne Schnoebelen
Vincent Treverso

Made Possible by

Building Bridges
Karen and Michael Partnership
Shuttered Venue Operator’s Grant
Karen Lile Productions
Building Bridges
Michael Hadfield, LTD.
Richard Herrera Lopez

GGIE Treasure Island Rob Dehlinger and Alpha Rhythm Kings – Film
Shown on April 16, 2022 as part of
Treasure Island World Fair Anniversary Celebrations 1939-1940

Film Maker: Kieth Azoubel
Filmed at Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, NV
Fenix in San Rafael, CA.

Music Recorded at Fantasy Studios
“Anaheim Hop”
Rob Dehlinger, trumpet & handclaps 
Fil Lorenz, tenor saxophone & handclaps 
Rick Walsh, trombone & handclaps
John Cocuzzi, piano & handclaps
Josh Workman, guitar & handclaps
Brandon Essex, upright bass & handclaps
Vince Littleton, drums & handclaps
Robbie Dehlinger, handclaps 
Adam Munoz, recording engineer 
Bob Skye, Mixing engineer
Michael Romanowski, Mastering engineer 

Additional musicians on camera:
Carroll Ashby, trombone
Richard Nelson Hall, keys
Ron Sfarzo, keys
Danny Gerz, upright bass
Rob Mills, drums 

Special Thanks to
Swing Dancers on camera
Anne Schnoebelen
Treasure Island Museum Historian

Visit Treasure Island World Fair Anniversary Celebrations 1939-1940 presenting partner's websites: