Two Weeks Inside Studio D Film Credits

World Premiere took place on April 16, 2022 at the Treasure Island World’s Fair Anniversary Celebration in the Lobby of Treasure Island Museum, One Avenue of the Palms, San Francisco CA.

This 38 minute shows footage and interviews from the last music recording sessions at Fantasy Studios from September 17-29, 2018, during the making of the album for KCSM-Jazz titled “Two Weeks Inside Studio D”.


Executive Producer: Karen E. Lile
Karen E. Lile
Director of Photography/Editor:
Michael Kofford

Film Mixing Sound Engineer at Fantasy Film Center
Alberto Hernandez

Recording Session Producers:
(largest projects first)
Karen Lile
Kendall Ross Bean
Erik Jekabson
Jamie Dubberly
Greg Landau
Rob Dehlinger
Tammy Hall
Mimi Fox
Taylor Eigsti

Composers/Arrangers on camera:
Kendall Ross Bean
Rob Dehlinger
Jamie Dubberly
Taylor Eigsti
Mimi Fox
Tammy Hall
Erik Jekabson

Musician Soloists:
Kendall Ross Bean, piano
George Winston, piano (Steinway Artist)
Taylor Eigsti, piano (Yamaha Artist)
Tammy Hall, piano
Mimi Fox, guitar

Musician in Duos and Bands:

Rob Dehlinger’s Alpha Rhythm Kings:
Rob Dehlinger, Band Leader, Lead Vocals, Trumpet
Michael Henning, drums, background vocals
Terry Miller, upright bass
Fil Lorenz, tenor sax, backing vocals
Caroll Ashby, trombone, backing vocals
Richard Nelson-Hall, piano
Kelyn Crapp, guitar
Allison Miller
Allison Miller, drums and composition
Myra Melford – piano
Jenny Scheinman – violin
Ben Goldberg – clarinet and contra alto
Kirk Knuffke – cornet
Tod Sickafoose – bass
Dharma Brass Band
Jamie Dubberly, band leader, bone
Armando Cordoba, vocals
Brian Andrés drums
Braulio Barrera, bongo and campana, vocals
Charlie Gurke, bari sax
Christelle Durandy, vocals
Javier Cabanillas, congas
Camilo Landau, cuatro
Joe Mazzaferro, trumpet
Luke Kirley, tuba
Mike Rinta, bone
Pete Cornell, tenor sax
Silvestre Martinez, timbales
Steffen Kuehn. trumpet
Electric Squeezebox Orchestra:
Erik Jekabson, musical director
Kenny Washington, vocalist
Larry Delacruz alto saxophone (featured soloist)
Danny Lubin-Laden, trombone (featured soloist)
Grant Levin, piano (featured soloist)
Sheldon Brown, alto saxophone
Mike Zilber, tenor saxophone
Marcus Stephens, tenor saxophone
Charlie Gurke, baritone saxophone
Rob Ewing, trombone
Patrick Malabuyo, trombone
Richard Lee, bass trombone
Henry Hung, trumpet
Darren Johnston, trumpet
Erik Jekabson, trumpet
Ian Carey, trumpet
Jordan Samuels, guitar
Tommy Folen, bass
Hamir Atwal, drums
Tammy L. Hall
Tammy L. Hall, piano
Ruth Davies, bass
Telephone Conversations with Karen Lile while in Studio D:
Alisa Clancy, from KCSM Jazz in San Mateo
Allison Miller, from Times Square, New York
George Winston, from Washington on Tour
Sessions Staffed by Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA:
Alberto Hernandez, Sound Engineer
Adam Munoz, Sound Engineer:
Cody Hamilton, Sound Engineer:
Alex Miller, Intern
Sam Zuckerman, Intern
Engineering/Mastering outside Studio D:
“Fools are Getting Scarcer” Mix: Engineer Bob Skye, Skye Labs Inc.
“Lluvia con Nieve” Mix: Engineer Greg Landau, Round Whirled Studios
Film Surround Sound Soundtrack Mixing: Engineer Alberto Hernandez at Fantasy Film Center, Berkeley, CA
“Cast Your Fate to the Wind”: Recorded by Howard Johnston, Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

(chronological order in film)
Composed and performed by Allison Miller
Skylark composed by Hoagy Carmichael performed by Mimi Fox
(Please note that the film has a typo. Mimi Fox is not the composer)
Getaway Blues composed by Mimi Fox.
Fools Are Getting Scarcer
composed by Edward Pierce and Roy Milton
arranged by Rob Delhlinger
performed by Alpha Rhythm Kings
For Aretha
composed and performed by Tammy L Hall
Composed and performed by Allison Miller
Moonlight Sonata
composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
pianist: Kendall Ross Bean
Polonaise in D flat Major
composed and performed by Kendall Ross Bean
Without a Sound
Without a Sound, composed by Taylor Eigsti and Gretchen Parlato. Performed by Taylor Eigsti (TayJazz Music – ASCAP)
Love For Sale
composed by Cole Porter. Arranged by Erik Jekabson. Performed by Kenny Washington and Electric Squeezebox Orchestra
Ballade Opus 47 n A Flat
composed by Frederic Chopin and performed by Kendall Ross Bean
Handful of Keys
composed by Fats Waller and performed by Kendall Ross Bean
Cast Your Fate the Wind
composed by Vince Guiraldi and performed by Geroge Winston
Dancing Cat Records
Lluvia con Nieve
Composed by Mon Rivera. arranged by Jamie Dubberly. Performed by Dharma Brass Band.
Congratulations and Condolences
Composed and performed by Allison Miller

Special Thanks:
Piano Finders, Jeffrey Wood, Robert Kirby, Ben Dunlap
Filmed on Location at Studio D, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley California Sept 17-29, 2018
Copyright 2018 Karen Lile Productions

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